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Do you want to heal the world? Heal yourself?  What if each of us could make a difference?  What if our inner struggles, physical, mental and emotional health challenges are showing up in the world around us?  What if, instead of slowly dying, we could be alive? What if we could change not only ourselves but also the world?  What if connection and love could spread like a virus creating ripples of healing? It could start with you.  It could start with connection.  It could start with conversation.  It could start with love.  It can start here.  Join the conversation. Read. Learn. Share. 

Kim Macleod (Indie Authors World) helps empower writers to share their message with the world and build connections that have an impact. As the founder of the We Alive network, she will be sharing ideas, content, interviews and books that will encourage conversation and exploration. 

We Alive, is a thought provoking book that delves into the inner mind, struggles and challenges of author, Seb Mjacmbrao.  Seb shares his perspective on life, death, awakening, love and healing through poetic language and streams of consciousness. He grapples with his own life experiences, posing questions and ideas for the reader to explore. Seb and his book are the inspiration for this network. 

Why You Should Join Us

Seb's book, We Alive will be launching on 1st May 2020.  Join the community and you could get an early advance free copy of Seb's book. 

Hear from other writers, thought leaders and visionaries as we focus on healing ourselves and the planet. 

A Big Thanks

Seb Mjacmbrao wants to make a big impact with this book. He is sharing his book profits with the We Alive fund to support children and adults who have experienced trauma and environmental projects around the world. 

Thank you for buying his book, engaging in conversation, sharing the ideas and messages of hope with others.  Together we can all be more alive and heal the world.